Ringas to Khatu Shyam ji

Nearest Railway Station to Khatu Shyam Ji is Ringas Junction (Sometimes also written as Reengus). ¬†For those travelling via Train, IRCTC code for Ringas Junction is ‘RGS‘.

Khatu Shyam Ji mandir is approx. 18.5 KM away from Ringas Junction. If you are travelling via Train, as soon as you as reach exit station, you will see large number of Taxis, Vans/Jeeps and Buses waiting just outside the station for passengers. Shared Taxis/Jeeps usually charge Rs 30 to 40 per person from Ringas to Khatu Shyam ji. The moment you step out of the railway station, you will hear them shouting Khatushyam mandir…

Other than the initial flyover construction part, Road to Khatu shyam mandir from Ringas is very good and its an enjoyable ride with very little traffic. On this road, a small temple of karni mata, known as karni mandir is also present.

Here is the Google Map from Ringas Junction to Khatushyam Mandir

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    1. Hi, The last train reaches there about at 11.15 PM, so Jeeps should available till midnight. Hope this helps.

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